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Roof Top HVAC Units Installation

Roof Top HVAC Installation and Repair for Your Home and Business

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Rooftop HVAC units function similarly to other types of heating and cooling equipment. Rooftop units are connected to the building’s duct work and heat or cool air passes through, then distributes conditioned air throughout the interior areas. Commercial HVAC units have the same objective as a residential HVAC system, to provide heating, ventilation and air conditioning to keep the building temperature and humidity controlled.

The heating air is often achieved through burning fuel (gas, oil, electricity). Cooling the air is the opposite, with a process that extracts hot indoor air and cools it through refrigerant or water-cooled systems, eliminating the extra humidity at the same time. Ventilation systems use fans to introduce the necessary outside air, pass both the outdoor and re-used indoor air through filtration, and expel the building’s contaminated air. This keeps the CO2 at under 1000 molecules per million.  An effective ventilation system reduces odors, dilutes gases (like carbon dioxide) and prevents respiratory diseases from spreading. Without it, unwanted particles would render the air stale and increase mold and mildew growth.

There are different HVAC systems for commercial HVAC units: Split Systems, Packaged Systems, VRF Systems, Rooftop Systems.

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