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Natural Gas Conversion

Natural Gas is Affordable

  • Rebates to help convert: Use the Efficiency Maine and our efficiency rebates to upgrade to a high efficiency natural gas boiler.
  • Energy Efficiency: Converting to a high efficient natural gas boiler can reduce your consumption and lower your costs
  • Regulated prices: Natural gas prices are regulated and are set twice a year. There is no need to prepay to avoid winter price spikes.
  • Savings passed on to the consumer: If we have a warm winter, savings are passed on to the customer with lower summer rates.

Gives You Peace of Mind 

  • Versatile: Natural gas can be used for more than just primary heat- you can improve reliability with natural gas dryers, water heaters , fireplaces & stoves
  • No Scheduling of Deliveries: Natural Gas is piped directly to your home so it’s there when you need it.
  • Reliable: Many gas appliances will still operate when the electricity goes down so you can stay warm, shower and cook!
  • Pay for what you use- No need to pre-pay for your fuel to insure predictability of prices
  • Simplifying the conversion process: We have a team of HVAC industry veterans that will answer questions and can help with rebates

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